BYK Additives & Instruments Ltd - Widnes Depot

BYK Additives & Instruments Ltd – Widnes Depot

Construction of Acid Tank Compound
Value: £340,000 | Duration: 5 Months

Construction of RI concrete foundations and an Acid Tank Bund to house two 30 metre high tanks each storing a minimum of 98% sulphuric acid. Due to the presence of acid on site a specially manufactured Diamondcrete AR Concrete with granite stone was used to avoid the possibility of an acid attack of the ground conditions. The key stages of the project involved:

  • Excavation and safe disposal of contaminated spoil
  • Installation of tanking membrane and mass concrete filling
  • Build and construct piled foundations
  • Construction of reinforced concrete walls, slabs and bases
  • Supply and connect HDPE drainage system
  • Construction of roads, paths and kerbs
  • Erect perimeter fencing and full landscaping