Birse Rail - Stafford Station

Birse Rail – Stafford Station

Station Building and Canopy Refurbishment
Value: £550,000 | Duration: 7 Months

The scope of the above works included the extensive refurbishment of the entire station roofs, including the main canopies and footbridges. And following recommendations from MFG, the very latest Plygene seamless gutter lining system has been installed which is not only easier to fit in very wet conditions, but also offers a 25 year guarantee that is accredited by the British Board of Agreement (BBA).

Other works completed as part of the modernisation of the station include:

  • The erection of a new poly carbonate glazed dome which provides much more natural lighting plus wider shelter across all the platforms
  • Fitting of gutters fitted with a GRP Pipex walkway and handrail which enables easier access and maintenance
  • A single ply membrane and glass reinforced plastic edge trims to the flat roofs, including a new Mansafe Anchor system
  • Installation of new cladding to all elevations and painting to canopy fascia soffits and waiting rooms

Working to a very demanding timetable and within a fully operational station, it was necessary to complete the majority of works during possession isolations throughout Saturday nights and Sunday mornings. MFG were able to successfully complete the project within the timeframes and without any disruption to the station’s normal day-to-day services.