Health & Safety

Working Together for a Safer Future

MFG places as its highest priority, the provision of a safe and healthy working environment for all its employees, sub-contractors and the general public. Our Safety Policy clearly sets out the company’s commitments and objectives in the development of a strong and sustainable health and safety culture.

Our principal aim is to create the best possible working environment where the appropriate health and safety behaviours are both encouraged and practised at every level in the company. To support this aim the company introduced an internal behaviourally based safety initiative programme ‘Think Safe, Work Safe’, which focuses on visible health and safety leadership, raising employees’ safety awareness, and an ‘open door’ policy to encourage individuals to voice any concerns and give feedback.

A comprehensive and robust Integrated Management System (IMS) also provides an important framework for the achievement of MFG’s objectives and sets out all our company’s safety procedures and work instructions.

MFG prides itself and all its employees with a first-class record for safe working and zero accidents. One of the company’s key objectives is to achieve the award of a ROSPA Safety Award by the end of 2018.